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Stimulus (updated)

March 16, 2009

I learned today thay all I really need to do to get my $1,000,000 in stimulus funding is to be at a large insurance company or bank and make some poor business decisions. Then, I can get a bonus for my poor judgement.

Job Wanted:

Looking for a job as a financial consultant at a large insurance company or bank that the government has deemed too large to fail. Qualifications: exceedingly poor business skills, like to risk other people’s money, skilled at covering my tracks, morally uninhibited concerning money.

Think I can get a job?



February 18, 2009

I’m hoping that the politicians remembered to write in a line item in the stimulus plan….$1 million dollars to me. Thinking of such a huge number like $800 Billion dollars, I’m sure they would not miss $1 million. It’s not much and I would put it to good use and stimulate the economy.