I am D. Mother of 4 kids. Professor. Outdoors enthusiast. I live in deep south transplanted here from Appalachia. Wife to an awesome husband. My family is the center of my life; thus, when my 3rd child died, my life was blown apart. Now, I’m picking up the pieces and beginning to live again. Hence the name — Life Revisited.

Acryonmns Used
DD1: Dear Daughter One, 6 years old and in K in 2009
DS: Dear Son, 4 years old and in pre-K in 2009
DD2: Dear Daughter Two, Norah, Forever an infant, Died Nov. 18, 2007
DD3: Dear Daughter Three: Born Nov. 28, 2008
JD: Husband of 14 years. Monogomous for 19 years



  1. I’m leaving messages on my own blog because I want everyone to know that I really have no idea how to run this thing. I can’t figure out where I’m supposed to write about myself so I put it here. I can figure out how to reply to other blogs or subscribe to other blogs or even insert a picture. Honestly, I really don’t have time to figure it out. I work full time and have three earth children to chase after. I also have a ton of distractions on the internet, including this one. SO, please excuse the unfinished nature of this blog

  2. When I started writing my blog, a friend said mine was different because “people usually just write about what the kids got for Christmas.” I guess I didn’t know that.

    I also thought of the old saying, “If you go to the dance, then DANCE.” So… In some of our entries, at least, we’re both Dancing, capital D.

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