April 8, 2011

My son is 6 years old and his older sister is 8 years old. Tonight they were playing on the see-saw in our backyard. They were doing what children normally do on a see-saw–seeing who weighs more, pushing up on the see-saw to jiggle the other one, jumping off so the other one goes crashing to the ground. I was pushing the younger two in the swings.

Older Daughter to Older Son: Sometimes you are my best friend and sometimes you are an annoying brother. Right now, your my best friend.

Older son smiles brightly and they continued playing.

I was sitting in the grass pushing the younger two. Her comment made my heart swell because I saw how much she meant it and I saw how much it meant to her brother. Coach and I always hoped that they would be best friends growing up. That is why we had them 22 months apart. I hope that the younger two, who are 17 months apart, are best friends also. Rainbow learned how to sit in a regular swing this week. She is enjoying laying over the swing on her tummy also and running her feet along the ground. Sunshine is happy just to swing beside of her in a baby swing and try to grab her and her swing.

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