April 4, 2011

As a bonus to my Spring Grief season, I am also experiencing a lethargy and lack of energy that feels unrelenting. I can and did get out of bed this morning but only because I have to. I have to teach class because that is how our family is supported. I am exhausted so in order to function a drank a bunch of caffeine. I tried to exercise yesterday. Well, I did exercise. I had in my mind a goal that I wanted to reach but about 2/3 of the way through, I felt too tired to continue. I felt as if I could not lift my feet and continue. I hate to feel this way because I know it is a cycle. I know that after I adjust to the season, I’ll feel better. I know that if I force myself to exercise everyday that I will feel better. While I wait, my productivity at home and at work decreases. After I conquer the hump, I will have to work harder to catch up. You know what is even more of a bonus…

Taxes are due soon and we have not started.


One comment

  1. I find my grief manifests itself very physically these days. I can tell when I’m beginning a downward spiral because I begin to feel exhausted and lethargic. I understand.

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