Mother Earth

October 4, 2010

A lot can happen in 20 years. Life changing events can unfold in 20 minutes. Thus, it is no surprise that I feel like I’ve lived life times in the 20 years that I have been out of high school. I have the college years — which went on for 10.5 years as I pursed my doctorate. These were awesome years for me. I developed as a person, dated and married Coach, climbed and hiked whenever I pleased, played rugby, traveled the world and worked long hours in the field and in the lab. I gained confidence, experience, and a love of nature.  After I got a job with a very large oil company, which lasted 1.5 years, we had one year before the next phase of our lives came, my birthing years. I first became pregnant in the summer of 2002–8 years of birthing and nursing. During this time, I learned to be a professor. Now, I’m beginning the next phase, raising my children and something else professionally (to be discussed at a later date).  This reminiscing was brought about because I attended my 20 year high school reunion (see previous post about visiting where I came from).

Honestly, I had few intentions of attending the reunion. As the time grew nearer though, a few of my old friends contacted me and asked me to come. I wanted to visit Norah’s grave so I decided to go with Sunshine, currently 5 months old. I drove up on a Friday and allowed all day for the drive; I was not in a rush. On Saturday, I went to a picnic. 25 of my classmates were there plus their families. I pulled out a wrap soon after I got there so that I could wear Sunshine. I had a friend tell me who everyone was and set out to speak to everyone. I was shy in high school and I’m still shy but I make myself into a social person when I go to meeting in my science discipline so I just put on my convention face. This was a pleasant time, with conversation easily flowing, and laughter emitting from us all. Toward the end, someone was saying something and called me “Mother Earth”. I asked what they meant. Apparently from the time I had got there and wrapped up Sunshine, my high school cohorts were calling me “Mother Earth”. Later that night, I met a few of my closer friends for dinner. Instead of using my name, they called me Mother Earth. A wife of one of the friends said, “You not one of those ladies who gave birth in a tub without pain medication, ARE YOU?” I said, “Why, yes, I am.”  A few minutes later, I heard her say to her friend that if all babies that were birthed that way were like Sunshine that she would go back and birth without pain medication. When I think of their births, I think of Peace, Love, Mystery and Wonder.  Yes, Sunshine is a remarkable baby. And so were the three before him that lived. I know that Norah would have been peaceful. I should have told her that I meet all of Sunshine’s demands so he has nothing to cry about. I wear him so he is comforted by me. I nurse him so he is never hungry. However, I do admit, he is a sweet, happy baby.

My friends were using the “Mother Earth” name as an insult. But, they honored me. If people can tell within a few minutes of meeting me that I love nature, I align myself with the natural world, and that I study nature, then I’m getting across to people what I want them to know about me. When I went to this reunion picnic, I told myself that I would not talk about myself so that I wouldn’t appear to be snobbish or stuck up. Yet, from my mannerisms and how I acted they could tell that I am “Mother Earth”. I accept the nickname and hope I can live up to the standards.

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  1. I am not sure I will ever attend any reunions, I feel way too changed… but it sounds like you have a good time, and I think you probably gave others something to think about. You are an amazing Mother Earth. xo

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