July 29, 2010

One of the *perks* of having a small baby is waking at night multiple times. For me, it allows me the possibility of remembering what I am dreaming. I do remember a dream I had two nights ago about a long time friend of mine, Nadine. The memory is kind of patchy but here is what I do remember….

My husband and I were driving furiously away from something and I was covered in blood. He asked me what happened, I said that I didn’t know what happened and asked why we were driving fast. He said that he found me unconcious covered in blood but it wasn’t my blood, that is was my friend Nadine’s blood. I asked him where she was and he said that she was dead beside of me. I freaked out. Had I killed her? Why was I covered in blood? Why are we driving away?  He said he didn’t know so we turned but thought I might be in trouble. We decided to go to the police. It turns out that my fingerprints were all over the knife that killed her also and much of the evidence pointed to me doing it. However, I didn’t remember what had happened. The dream wound onward and I figured out that somebody was trying to set me up for the murder of my friend. I had a trace of drugs in my system that made me not remember anything. Then I woke up because my baby was hungry and stirring.

I don’t think it means anything. It is probably a function of watching too many of those mysteries on TruTV. I do remember the feeling of horror when I thought I had killed her. Then, the feeling of vindication after I figured out I was being set up. Strange that those feelings remain as if they were feelings that occurred during my waking hours. I don’t remember all of the dream, mainly the feelings.

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