Summer is ending

July 26, 2010

Here I am at the end of July and wondering where the summer went. My kids start school in 2 weeks and my university starts in a month. Now is the time that I need to start thinking about the teaching materials I need for school but am also frantically trying to get some research done. However, research is difficult when I’m still stupid. Pregnancy and lactation definitely affect me and my brain. After my last baby, it took me 7 months to feel smart again so I have at least 4 months more to go. That is basically the fall semester. I can fake it with teaching but with research, it is harder to fake original and creative thinking. My desk is a mess…mail from the summer piled high, articles I’ve set aside to read, basic detritus from zooming in and out all summer long. I’m sad that it has gone so quickly. I definitely don’t feel refreshed or renewed. I feel tired and a bit bitter. Even without work, the care and upkeep for 4 children takes most of my time. I’m not certain how I’m supposed to squeeze work into my day. Luckily, I just got tenure so a drop in productivity is expected, correct?


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  1. Congratulations on getting tenure!!!

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