Crazy Bird

June 1, 2010

At night when I’m up with TJ — feeding, rocking, and holding, I hear a bird. There is a songbird in my backyard that has its days and nights confused. It sings at all hours of the night. Frankly, it messes up my internal clock because I think it is morning when it is only midnight or two a.m.

I can’t figure out why it is singing at night. It really sounds jolly when I’m so grumpy. The bird has its days and nights mixed up; I thought only babies did that. I think maybe it might just be blind or maybe the bird is happy no other birds are around to screw up his/her singing. I can be lying there or sitting there with TJ and the bird just goes off. Its disconcerting but makes a little happy to know that something else is staying up at night too.

Then my mind has wandered down the path of whether there are any old wife’s tales about birds singing at night. I don’t remember any so I don’t think it is a bad/good omen. I just think the bird is crazy. At least I have a nighttime companion.


  1. Mockingbirds sometimes sing at night.
    (I’ve never heard any old wives tales, either.)
    BTW – love TJ’s nickname. 🙂

    Em – aka bluewatergirl

  2. Hey Em…Are mockingbirds song birds? This one tweets all night long, still, even a month later. I thought it was a deranged songbird but maybe it is just a mockingbird.

  3. Mockingbirds sing songs & imitate other birds – and apparently things like crickets & other sounds, too.
    They are often heard to sing at night.
    Here’s a good clip:

    Take care & be well


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