April 12, 2010

I know that I have been quiet lately. Two fellow babyloss mom’s had their little ones recently — congrats to the writers at “Still LIfe with Circles” and “Knocked Up/Knocked Down”. Now, I feel alone. I know there are more out there ready to give birth but I haven’t followed their stories. I had a conference in March and now another in April. I’ve been busy busy busy getting ready for presentations and making sure I teach classes. I’ve been waking up early, working all day, and then coming home exhausted. My husband has picked up a lot of slack while I’ve been working hard. Taxes are due soon. We are not done. I’m just now grading midterms that were turned in 3 weeks ago. I spent a solid week preparing  a poster presentation. I

‘m at one of the meetings now, in New Orleans. I’m totally exhausted. When i askedmy OB if going to New Orleans was OK, she said “they have good doctors in New Orleans”. I took the train down. I enjoyed the trip because I could grade at the same time. Although, right now I’m a little bummed. I got a rejection for a journal article. I hate hate hate getting rejected.

On a bright now, I received tenure. I just don’t really feel that much right now. I think I am so worried about this baby that I just can not concentrate. Honestly, I probably only have two weeks left but I have a ton of work that has to be done. I did ask my husband to buy a bottle of dreft so that I could wash the 0-3 clothing. I need to get the bouncy seat and the swing back from the people that borrowed them. The car seat is already installed because we never took it out from the last one. What more do I need?  I get diapers after I know this one is coming home. Yes, I’m still wary.

So this is a mind dump and not anything cohesive. Just letting everyone know that I’m still here. I’ve just been extremely busy and feeling silent. When I work so hard I do not feel like I have extra words or even extra feelings.


  1. Congrats on tenure! I had no idea that you found out. I am very happy for you. One less thing to worry about, ok? Praying for you as you stare down these final weeks.

  2. Jill from MDC here.

    Thinking of you D. These last weeks are HARD.

  3. I’ve been thinking of you!
    Congrats on the tenure.
    ((hugs)) and big love.

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