Peas Meeting

November 10, 2009

For 3 years now I have been chatting with a specific group of ladies online. I met them on one of those massive birth boards for babies that were to be born in May 2007. I joined a private group of about 30 ladies and shared intimate details of my life. I miscarried that baby, as did some of the other ladies. In 4 months, I was pregnant again with Norah. We all know what happened in the end there. This past weekend I went to go meet 5 of them with two of my children. Norah would have been 2 years old on Nov. 18. All of these ladies have their 2 year olds. Where is mine?

You might think that it was horrible seeing all the babies the same age as the one I lost. It wasn’t. I do not equate what someone else has with what I do not have. They are separate lives and separate stories. I was wistful thinking about what Norah would be doing with all of the two year olds. It was nice to meet people I had been chatting with for awhile. I can’t help but be sad that Norah was not physically here to experience it.

One comment

  1. I’m so glad you were able to go and sad that I had to miss it. My thoughts are with you tonight.

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