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October 30, 2009

My son is 4.5 years old. Last night he said, “I think No-wah is still a baby”. I said, who’s Noah. No he said, No-rah (he slurs his r’s sometimes). I looked at him and said “yes, she is a baby angel.” My daughter, who is 6 just laughed, and said “you can’t have a baby angel”. Can you? Are there baby angels?  I know there are baby souls out there but I don’t think they sit on a white cloud in diapers. I found a note my daugher wrote to Norah the other day. She had placed in the highest location in the house that she could reach. By standing on our bed, she could reach the top of the window. I suppose she was trying to get it as close to Norah as possible.


The other day I mentioned Norah’s middle name in a post. After I posted it, I realize that I spelled it wrong. What kind of Mom does that?  I can’t spell my daughter’s middle name. It is Clare NOT Claire. Uggghh. I suck.

One comment

  1. You’re certainly not the only mom with those Uggghh moments… be gentle on yourself. ((hugs))

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