September 27, 2009

For the past two weeks, my blog has been getting hits from people searching for “mirne and craig,  mirne and craig blog,  freyja-kees-lovedsomuch,  mirne craig” and I really didn’t know why. Yes, the story was terrible but seriously, what were people looking for?  I went searching on babylost blogs and found my answer. It seems some people suspect their story. Other things happened that I won’t mention here. This caused me to inspect how I felt about it. Was I angry? Indifferent? It turns out that the grief I hold for this couple is not aimed at the couple. It is aimed at all families with multiple late-full term losses. I know these people exist. I definitely know people that have had two, so why not three. I also think that the universe is so unpredictable that this could happen. I believe everything that people write about the loss of children and I don’t understand why people who make things up. I know there are people called “trolls” but I don’t understand them and expend no effort thinking about them. So, in reference to the couple in question, I have not stayed up at night to worry about what happened or didn’t happen, rather all my anxiety, grief, and fear is directed to those to whom it has happened and the realization that the death of a child could happen again.

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