September 7, 2009

I was walking in the park the other day. One of the two days that I actually get to exercise. I have it on my Outlook schedule…in bold pink. It says “Exercise (Outside)” …just to remind myself that walking the hallways is not exercise.  I came upon a dog on a leash. The dog looked truely menacing and I was happy that it was leashed. The owner said as she pulled the leash “come along fuzzy”  Fuzzy? Fuzzy? You named that mean looking dog fuzzy? Why is it that the little tiny lap dogs are named “Boxer” or “Killer” and the big mean looking ones are “Fuzzy” or “Precious”?

I see lots of strange behaviors from owners and dogs on this walk that I get to do twice a week. It gives me something to do as I try to shut my mind down from work related business.

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