August 24, 2009

She has been too chubby for major movement. I held her for most of her life. But against my wishes, my little one is crawling. I take her to a weekly meeting I run for Teaching Assistants and I set her on the floor. Last week, I gave her a soda bottle to play with. But, it was just out of her reach. She stretched. But still couldn’t reach it. Then, up on her knees; she rocked; tentatively moved an arm forward; and then a back leg; another arm; another leg….and got the bottle. She crawled. I am proud of her but sad too. This was Friday, August 21. The next day, she pulled up. Its happening a bit too fast.  She is also teething for her two top teeth. Her bottom ones came in June 17th but finally she has decided to cut the top ones. I feel for her because she wakes at night in pain. I soothe her. Last night I was up for two hours. I’m not mad at her but actually grateful for the opportunity to wake at night with her….to have a baby to care for.


The work stuff was related to a graduate student who had submitted an abstract to a meeting without my approval. I just didn’t know how to deal with it and fear I dealt poorly with it. I’m sure I made him cry.

One comment

  1. sigh, yes… L is getting mobile too and everything is just way too fast for me.

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