Gifted and Talented

August 20, 2009

I had to go to a first grade meeting 2 nights ago. It was a huge schedule juggling task to get there but I made it, with the little one. It was fairly standard until the end. One of the teachers said, oh by the way, because of budget cuts we will not be running the gifted and talented program this year for the 1st and 2nd grade. …. umm, why is my kid not in the “gifted and talented” program? That is the thought that went through my mind. I couldn’t stop it, my drive for education and success forced me to have that thought. I didn’t even know there was a gifted and talented program. Now that I know, it’s torture because I know my kid has not been targeted with that label. I try to reason with myself “she is not you. let her have her own life. just because you had to be the best at everything doesn’t mean she is going to have the same drive.”  Then the other part, the little annoying part of me says, “I want my kid to have every available tool to succeed; I want her to have the label so she will believe that she is gifted and talented”.  I’m struggling. I want her to push herself because otherwise she just does the minimum, unless there is an incentive like candy or a toy. I want her to learn because learning is fun. Right now she doesn’t think science or math is fun, which physically hurts me because that is my education focus. Labeling kids this early is so dangerous….they believe the labels. I did 30 minutes of homework last night with her. Should they have homework at this age?

Also, I just learned something at work that I’m angry over. I’m not certain how to deal with the anger. It is small and petty when compared to loved ones dying but it is eating at my brain right now.


  1. Thomas has homework too and he also did in kindergarten. I didn’t mind it so much last year b/c he was only at school 1/2 day, but now that he’s not home until 4pm I don’t want to make him do more work. And it’s only going to get worse as they get older. Sigh.

    Sorry about whatever is going on at work!

  2. S is trying school and I am having so many misgivings about school. I don’t like the labels. When I was young and they came to give us that “gifted” test I was actually scared to shit I would get that label- afraid I would have to spend the rest of my life proving myself, and for failing to maintain that label.

    I am sorry over what happened at work. ((hugs))

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