August 10, 2009

Yesterday was my Mom’s birthday. However, she is dead so she doesn’t celebrate her birthday. At least, I don’t think age is a concern where ever she is. I am sad that my kids will not get to know their grandma. She didn’t even meet the little one. I was 7 weeks pregnant with the little one at her funeral. They didn’t even meet in another dimension.

My Mom was a funny lady. DH and I can go on for hours about things she said and did. I had plans for our future. I had the perfect in law house in mind for her and my MIL to be near us. She shattered my plans. I had plans and she broke them. Its all about me, isn’t it?

So, I hope Mom that you are happy where ever you are and are smoking a cigarette. You used to say that it was your only guilty pleasure. It is also what killed you. You also had a couple of other pleasures….sewing, buying cloth, eating a Wendy’s, collecting useless knick knacks from all over the world (I guess I perpetuated that one). Now, your with Dad and your two best friends have joined you since you died. Have a party. And, take care of Norah.

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  1. ((hugs))

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