Back Again

July 24, 2009

Tonight DD, who is 6.5 years said “Mom, if you had a million dollars, you would keep it in your closet, so it wouldn’t blow away.”  Hmmm, I guess that is one place to keep it, if I had a million dollars. I think she gets this from the offhanded comments they say “I want ____ and ____” and I say, when you earn a million dollars you can buy that. She also wants to have a car without a roof (a convertible) and live in Hollywood. If that is not the influence of T.V. I don’t know what is. I monitor their T.V. watching but it is the commercials that are dangerous. That makes a good argument for getting Tivo.


We have been gone on vacation to the beach and visiting the inlaws. It is good to be home.


Tonight I was watching an episode on HGTV where this guy would come in and fix a house that contractors messed up. I have no idea what it is called. But I watched it because I was feeding the little one. The builder kept referring to all of the upgrades he put into the house because they were about to have a baby e.g. a hepa filter. The lady was nearly full term and was ripe with pregnancy. Of course, he did a very good job on the house. At the end when the sh0w was ending, a black screen came up that said “In Memory of Baby Emma, June 2007”. I cried. I thought HGTV would be safe. Then I lit a candle for Baby Emma which burned all evening. Why? Because I know the pain and sadness that couple experienced. I know they miss their baby Emma. So Baby Emma, I hope you are with the rest of the little babies who died too soon and are at peace.


  1. I am thinking about baby Emma too, and her family…

  2. Heartbreaking. So unfair. 😦

  3. Too many… too soon…

  4. hugs.

  5. Was that H.olmes on H.omes?
    Damn, I watch that show too. I would be a mess if I had seen that episode.

    Similarly I was watching a tv show when I was pregnant with Caden that featured a mother pg after a stillbirth. I was horrified. Though stillbirth was the worst thing I could imagine.
    We saw the same episode repeated after we lost Caden (just after Allison’s husband Marc passed away) and it was like seeing it for the first time. The worst part was a bit added onto the end…”In memory of Adam *** 19**-2008″ – the husband had passed away mere months after the birth of their baby. I cried for hours after seeing that.

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