June 19, 2009

Nobody died. Nobody died. Nobody died.

I just keep telling myself that and trying to shake off the frustration that I am experiencing. The part for our work truck can in yesterday. They installed it and drove it. The truck still makes a noise. Diagnosis = the part is defective. They have to order another part, and that means another 4 days of waiting for the part to get to Colorado Springs. We have been delayed for 10 days and it will certainly be 4 or 5 more days before we leave. I look for the positives: nobody died, I’m visiting my sister, time with the kids.  It is just frustrating.

On our tour around Colordo we went to Cortez to see Mesa Verde and found a local fair. We went to Ouray because it is DH’s favorite town. And then to Gunnison because we both like it. The kids had a blast. We found some snow on the high passes and played. We are from the deep south so playing in the snow is a rare treat.


Also on a positive note, my little one got her first tooth on the 17th. She has been really whinny and waking up alot at night so I figured it had to come soon. I’m so proud. She is 6.5 months old. Sniff, my baby is getting older very quickly. I’m getting all the snuggles I can though before she starts wiggling away from me.

Another positive thing is that I have read two pleasure books. A rare treat for me. I don’t dare check out these novels from the library because I would read them instead of doing work. Ahhhh, so nice.

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