June 10, 2009

We traveled 3 days from AL to AR, AR to Amarillo, TX and then up to Colorado Springs where I have a sister. We stayed a day and then planned to set off but our truck started making very loud obnoxious noises. So, this morning DH took it to get looked at and something is broken. I don’t know, something about a flywheel. Anyway, we are here a day and a half longer than anticipated. Still 1.5 days up to MT….

The kids are traveling wonderfully and having a great time. Everything is an adventure with him. I’m having so much fun. They want to know about everything so we have had discussions ranging from why the Indians did not have electricity, to how boo boo heal, to why volcanoes go extinct. It is alot of work to travel with them but I really enjoy my kids.  Plus, I like for them to see the United States instead of just the little po-dunk town we live in.

One comment

  1. I always feel kids give me new eyes to look at the world. I hope you get back on track soon…. so many constant reminders of how little we have control. xoxo

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