February 20, 2009

Late in the evenings on summer nights, my brother and I used to lay in the grass below our house. The sun was behind the mountains, not yet set all the way. The valley was bathed in dusk but the tree top still had sunlight on them. As we sprawled out, our eyes would always turn upward. And we would count….one ufo, two ufos, three ufos. There were objects zooming across the sky which surely must contain aliens. What were they?  Where were they coming from? And…why is there a white trail extending out the back like an airplane trail?

Because they were airplanes. When the sun hits the airplanes just right, they glare and you can not see the body of the plane, just a flying glowing light. We thought they were UFOs. And to us, they were unidentified; yet, totally explainable. Sometimes, things are exactly what they seem.

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