Santa Claus?

February 10, 2009

I made DH go out to the store on Christmas Eve because I did not have wrapping paper for the “Santa Claus” gifts. The kids were very familiar with the wrapping paper that I had because I had been using it to wrap everyone’s gifts. So, I thought, “If I don’t get new wrapping paper, they are going to figure out who Santa Claus really is”

DH thought I was crazy for having him go get more paper because “there is no way that DD and DS are going to pay attention to the wrapping paper” OK, so maybe that was a bit anal.

Fast forward three weeks. I’m packing away all the Christmas stuff. Everything is packed except for the gift wrap which is in DH’s closet. However, DS and DD were playing computer games in our bedroom. I thought about what DH said and went ahead and took out the “Santa” gift wrap and started walking into the living room.

DD says “Mom! Santa has the same wrapping paper as we do!”

I say “Wow! What a coincidence!”

DD says “How can Santa have the same wrapping paper?”

I say “Honey, this gift wrap is sold all over the world. He could have bought his at any store.”

Lesson: don’t pay attention to DHs


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