February 7, 2009

DD1 was sitting on the couch looking into a hand held mirror (I told you before she is ego-centric). I was running around trying to get everything ready to go to work.

DD: Mom, they’re under my tongue!

Internally I think: What’s under her tongue! Scabbies! Warts! Lesions!

Me: Honey, what is under your tongue?

DD: The same thing that is over my eyes.

Internally I think: What is it? The black plague?  Herpies?  Is she dying?

Me: Can you be more specific, what is under your tongue and over your eyes?

DD: Those blue lines going everywhere.

Phew. Veins. She is talking about her veins. Thank goodness. No trips to the ER or anything drastic. Insert here a conversation on what veins are and how they carry blood to all parts of the body.  She then asked if veins are in teeth, bones, and hair. I had to explain that teeth and hair do not have veins because they aren’t really alive.

I am still really sensitive about death. Will I ever go back to normal? Probably not. I have a new normal….hence, Life Revisited.

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