February 4, 2009

I believe my daughter wants to “grow up” and be a fashion model. From the time she was a little baby, she has watched herself in the mirror. She preens and posed in front of our bathroom mirror. I wish I was someone who knew even a little bit about fashion. One time, in college, I walked out of the house in orange sweatpants, a red sweatshirt, and a purple backpack. Which still doesn’t seem funny to me, but my friends made fun of me for a week.  DD asks me if clothes match, my answer is always yes because I don’t want to cramp her style. I tell her that black and white match anything (my only fashion rule). I let her pick out her own clothes as long as they are weather appropriate and constructed so that she can’t flash the little boys in her class.

Last night, we went to her gymnastics class. She wore a purple gymnastics outfit with white dress tights over the outfit. A red dress on top (who wears a dress to gymnastics?) and pink Hello Kitty rainboots.

I asked her why she wanted to wear a dress. She said “I have to look goooood.” I suppose she is willing to suffer in the name of style and fashion. Especially while going to the all important gymnastics class.


What are your fashion rules for your kids?


  1. clothes. No real rules though I did color code their closets, and M. has entirely too much Red and Blue. Miss C. has every color even purple the color I dislike.

    Live the visual of her outfit to gymnastics.

  2. I usually let the boys pick out their own clothes when/if they want to. Of course, it has to be weather appropriate, and they have ‘play’ clothes and ‘good’ clothes. I’m forever arguing with them that they can’t wear their play clothes to school, since many of them are stained or have a hole or two, but of course those are their favorites!

  3. Hey that is exactly what Dora wears isn’t it? I think you were just way ahead of your time! 😉

  4. My kids wear whatever they pull out of their drawers, as long as it’s weather appropriate. Self-expression is important! I remember in grade 2 I wore metallic blue spandex leggings underneath jean shortalls with a ruffly yellow blouse. My mom was horrified, but guess what? I honest-to-goodness started a trend at my elementary school, and everyone started wearing leggings under shorts!!! And I was sooooo proud of myself. 😀

  5. Jeans and long sleeve shirts in the winter. Jean shorts and t-shirts in the summer. I don’t have time to dress them “fashionably” and have them not horribly clash. I absolutely hate when girl twin chooses a blue shirt so I’ve resorted to only buying pink. That way we can keep the blue/pink boy/girl balance. Weird, I know 🙂

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